Sunday, 14 February 2010

The mysterious lost 45 seconds

The BBC helpfully provided a transcript which can be viewed at

Now there were a number of inaccuracies but I noticed that something was missing . A Forty-five second piece of commentary that opens up his religious argument. I pointed this out to the BBC and they have amended the transcript, putting it down to a transcription error. Now who am I to take issue with that? So thanks BBC for dealing with that complaint so promptly and in my favour. However since the programme is making an allegation of a hidden agenda in environmentalism I couldn't help wondering if there was some hidden agenda at the BBC in the making of this programme. Was it cut or was the BBC's so called ethical man ad libbing the script. So just for the record, here is the lost 45 seconds which the BBC put down to a transcription error.

[22.50] Rowlatt: It makes me feel rather uncomfortable and Im not alone

[23.45]Rowlatt: What I find even more worrying is that often the almost evangelical nature of some green campaigning is justified or perhaps even disguised by the urgency of the climate issue. Environmentalists campaign on the basis that theyre backed by peer reviewed science as if that validates whatever solution they are proposing.Indeed the debate about how to tackle global warming can feel as if its being conducted against the background of a relentless doomsday clock ticking down the minutes and seconds until were engulfed in some burning hell. Its almost as if climate change is some kind of planetary retribution forcing humanity to pay the price for its greed

[24.40] Millenarian claims that the end of the world is nigh.

Just to be clear folks, these words were broadcast they just did not appear on the ORIGINAL transcript. Due to a transcription error. I hope that is clear.

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