Sunday, 14 February 2010


So what are you so hot under the collar about Hengist ?
On the 25th Jan 2010 BBC Radio 4 broadcast a documentary entitled Analysis: Are Environmentalists Bad for the Planet? The programme was repeated on 31st Jan.

And ?
IMHO it was an egregious piece of propaganda dissing environmentalists and environmetalism. It set a new high-water mark in dumbing down. Opinions were presented as facts and anti-environmentalist opinions were not challenged, contrasted with the opinions of Jonathon Porrit and John Sauven who were challenged. The title (which part of the BBC has admitted was provocative) was not addressed by the content. The presenter's thesis was a personal view and a misrepresentation of environmetalism as well as a serious allegation which unfounded.

But the BBC has to live by certain rules on bias, doesn't it?
The BBC makes much of it's claims of impartiality and fairness and for the most part live up to them. But when it comes to news, current affairs and documentaries - the serious stuff in other words - the BBC is simply broadcasting what the elite want the proletariat to hear and to think.

Now just hang on a minute, Hengist. The BBC has a fine record of airing all sorts of news stories which embarrass the powerful.
Yes, but the BBC is still the broadcaster of the State. And there is always a bias towards the Establishment's way of looking at things. This programme puts it all to the test. If my complaints fail this should reveal something about the BBC's own attitude to complainants and whether complaints are dealt with fairly. First thing to note is that the BBC is it's own governor on matters of impartiality and bias.

But what about OFCOM ?
Yes OFCOM , this will only judge the BBC on Fairness (under section 7 of the Broadcasting Code) Bias or impartiality is covered by section 5 of the Broadcasting Code. The BBC is exempt from Section 5. Sad isn't it?

So who decides if the BBC is impartial or biased?
The BBC does of course. Or rather something called The BBC Trust, which I suspect to all intents and purposes is another layer of the BBC. But I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise by the BBC Trust, let's wait and see.

OK let's cut to the chase, what are you trying to say?
Sadly, it is the contention of this blog that the BBC is following an anti-environmentalist agenda and that the BBC is not able to govern itself on bias in coverage of environmental matters.

Ok, if I want to hold my nose and find out what the BBC have to say where do I go ? The BBC's own webpage to the programme can be viewed at where there is a link to the iPlayer version