Thursday, 16 December 2010

More on BBC's woeful reporting of Anderegg

At last I have recieved a response to my complaint about the BBC's reporting of the Anderegg paper. First impressions are this simply doesn't wash. The weasel words are 'based on an interview'. I can point to  evidence in the public domain that Doctor Anderegg started work on this paper before the climategate or glaciergate events.  Yet in the BBC's version the paper was motivated by events that occurred after work began on the paper. Of course that is impossible.  Here is the response from the journalist who compiled the report, complete with spelling mistakes.

Dear Mr McStont

Many thanks for your email and your interest in the news report on the BBC website.

Paragraph 12 is based on an interview carried out with Mr Anderrgg.

We contacted Dr Boedmer-Christiansen and Professor Von Storch for comment in the interest of balance. The Anderegg paper was critical of those sceptical of climate change research and we felt they deserved a right of reply.

Best wishes and many thanks for your interest.

Pallab Ghosh

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