Monday, 17 October 2011

BBC: "to add to the confusion..."

Today I have recieved a long letter from the BBC which claims to answer my most recent letter to them and my recent letter to the BBC Trust, thereby blurring the distinction between the BBC and the BBC Trust. It goes over the ground of who wrote to whom when. I am absolutely baffled by paragraph four .

"The confusion was spotted and a letter was written to you much later in the process tying all your complaints together. To add to the confusion you did not recieve this letter (I am unable to discover why it was not delivered) and so another was sent on 6 January 2011. It apologised extensively and cleared up the misunderstandings, then went on to address the original points you made in your various complaints but within one single letter."

Needless to say I never got a letter from the BBC around 6th January 2011.

Keith Jones Head of Communications and Complaints concludes with the words  "I have responded to your points about handling in full in this letter and feel I can add no more at this stage" and that there are 20 working days to appeal to the BBC Trust.

Will do.

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